Knowing your outdoor power equipments' model number and serial number will ensure that you find the correct Cub Cadet Genuine Factory replacement part number for your equipment. Once you know your model number and serial number you can use either the Illustrated Parts Look-up Tool or the Owners Manual Download to easily search for the correct part numbers needed.

What should my model and serial number look like?
walk-behind push mower  11 
walk-behind self-propelled mower  12 
riding lawn tractor  13 
riding garden tractor  14 
zero turn rider  17 
electric walk-behind mower  18 
garden tiller  21 
chipper/blower-vac/log splitter  24 
edger/trimmer mower  25 
snow thrower  31 
utility vehicle  37 
hand held products (string trimmer, chain saw etc..)  41 or 42 
z-force / zero turn commercial  53 
compact tractor  54 
commercial walk-behind  55 
commercial hand held products (trimmer, chain saw etc..)  59 
mower  19 
chore performer  29 
utility vehicle  39 
rider  590 
Cub Cadet's current (1997 and later) model and serial numbers are generally 11 characters in length. A character could be a number, dash or a letter. If '0' represented all numbers and/or dashes and 'X' represented all letters, the model and serial numbers should appear as follows:
Model number example: 00XX000X000
NOTE: When using the chart on the right, "a prefix" consists of the first two digits of a model number.
Where do I find the model and serial number tag on my equipment, and what does it look like?
Identification tags are located in areas unlikely to need replacement, even after years of use.

For most of our power equipment, these tags are approximately 2" x 3" in size. They also have the Cub Cadet Product's name, address and customer service phone number listed across the bottom.

For handheld equipment, the tag is usually white and approximately 1" x 1/2" in size. Handheld ID tags are normally on an aluminum portion of the engine, somewhat set into the unit to protect the label from wear. (A bar code will also be on this tag.)

Riding mower tags are located on the underside of the seat.

For walk-behind mowers this tag is found either on the deck or on the rear door of rear discharge units.

Tiller model and serial tags are generally on the tine housing.

The model and serial tags for two-stage snow throwers are located on the bottom of the main gear housing which is often called the belly pan, while single-stage snow thrower tags are next to the key and primer.

For other products like log splitters, chipper shredders and edgers, tags can be found on the frame or main housing.

How do I determine my product model number and/or serial number if the tag is missing or illegible?
If a product identification tag has been rendered illegible, or the numbers are not valid within our online support systems, it will be necessary to call in and speak directly with a CUB CADETTechnical Support Agent for assistance in properly identifying these products.

CUB CADET  Technical Support Department staff may be reached at 1-800-965-4282, M-F, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST. The technicians there will ask you a number of questions while researching our historical manufacturing archives in an effort to determine the model number and manufacturing data of the product. This research can often be a daunting task and may even involve submission of photographs or measurement of particular parts that will identify a production series.

IMPORTANT! Due to the complex nature and need for direct conversation while researching historical data, this product identification process is not performed via the Internet.

Once the model number and manufacturing data are properly identified, we suggest that the number be kept in a safe place(s) for future use. Writing it down in the Operator's Manual is a good idea. So is writing it on the product with an indelible marker or engraving tool.